• Realistic Cricothyrotomy Training at a Realistic Price.

    Redefining Medical Training of Emergency Cricothryotomies using 3D printing technology, all in an affordable manner

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Learn why the 3D Cric Trainer is the most realistic and reasonably priced cricothyrotomy trainer on the market.

Our Background

With experience in medicine, emegency care, education, training, and industrial design, our team created the 3D Cric trainer.

What is a Cricothyrotomy

Understanding the need for hands-on cric training requires knowledge of the actual field procedure.

Learn More About the 3D Cric Trainer.

Using 3D Printing Technology, we are proud to be able to offer a premium 3D Cricothyrotomy Training device at a price point that is far from premium.  For medical professionals of all levels, this simple device will assist in the practice and simulation of emergency cricothyrotomies.